Top Instagram Niches for Beginners



Best Instagram Niches to Advance With Little Experience in Social Media

Finding a niche for an Instagram business account can be both extremely easy and challenging. The complexity of the process depends on whether you have a business you’re going to grow through the platform, expertise you want to share with your followers or you’re still looking for your place in the world. One way or another, analyzing other Instagrammers’ profiles will make your niche-discovering journey more fun.

One of the ways to do it is to use the Instagram Profile Analyzer tool by Toolzu. Before we familiarize you with this out-of-the-box service, let’s dive deep into the process of looking for a business niche on Instagram.

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Instagram Account for Business: What to Post

If you have an Instagram account, which we assume you do since you’re reading this, you, no doubt, see tons of suggested posts in your feed. The topics range from pet care and guided tours to seasonal color analysis and built-in cabinets. 

Who are the people behind all those accounts? Are they professional marketers? Well, maybe they are and perhaps they are not. One thing we can be 100 percent sure of is that all of them love what they do.

Finding a niche for an Instagram business account is crucial to developing a target audience and building a strong community. If you’re lucky to have a lifetime project, you’ll define your niche as easily as one-two-three. If you feel equally positive about several niches, you might need some preliminary work. 

How to Define a Niche for a Business Account on Instagram?

Now let’s outline the main steps a beginner should take when choosing a niche.

1. Define your target audience demographics. Start with identifying your ideal customer profile. Determine their age range, gender, interests, and geographic location. Understanding these will help you develop your content creation strategy. 

2. Identify your strengths. These include your skills, expertise, experience, and distinctive features that set you apart from your competitors. Think of what value you can offer to your followers and why they should choose you and your business.

3. Research your competitors. Knowing your rivals is a must in social media marketing. Dedicated services like this Instagram profile analyzer can help you get insights into your competitors’ performance. You’ll be able to see their engagement metrics, audience interests, top posts, hashtags, etc.

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4. Determine your target audience’s pains. These could be anything from career challenges and health issues to mere boredom. Knowing your target audience’s problems will help you create content that solves them.

5. Test and adjust. Adapt your approach based on your followers’ responses. When your Instagram account is up and running, wait a while and examine your engagement metrics like follower growth, likes, comments, and shares.

Content Ideas for Business Accounts on Instagram

If you have little or no experience in social media, you might want to consider starting with a niche that has high engagement and low or medium competition. Here are some good Instagram business account ideas:

Personal development

This niche is all about personal growth, self-improvement, and motivating content. There are several sub-niches you can focus on, such as mindfulness, meditation, fitness, or mental health.

Food and drinks

Food is one of Instagram’s most popular niches, and with more people cooking and baking at home, there are plenty of opportunities to produce useful cooking tips, recipes, and instructional videos.


Travel posts can be fascinating to watch, especially for people who want to explore new destinations. You could feature travel routes and locations, hotels, and lodges, share personal stories, and provide tips.

Beauty and Fashion

Instagram beauty and fashion niches often enjoy high engagement, as people love to see this type of content. You can cover the latest fashion trends, and provide styling tips or makeup tutorials.

What Should the First Post on Your Business Instagram Account Be About?

Crafting the first post on your Instagram business account will require some effort from you, as it will set the tone of your entire page and have a lasting impression on your audience. For a successful start to your online marketing endeavor, the first post needs to be a real hit.

Before you publish your first post, make sure to fulfill these essential steps: define your brand’s aesthetics, use quality visual content, write an engaging caption, and offer something valuable such as a discount or a promo code. 

How Do You Find Good Bio Ideas for a Business Account on Instagram?

Your Instagram bio is one of the first things users see in your profile. Since the first impression matters, it’s important to write a compelling, informative, and catchy bio. This will help you clearly communicate your mission and goals to potential followers.  

Here are some bio ideas for your business account on Instagram:

1. Use a simple and easy-to-remember tagline. It can describe your business area and give your customers an idea of what you can offer.

2. Highlight your unique selling proposition. Make it concise and emphasize what sets you apart from competitors.

3. Include a call to action. A CTA can help direct traffic to your website or other social media pages.

4. Use emojis. Instagram is about creativity, so using emojis would be appropriate even for a respectable law firm — just add an icon of scales as a symbol of justice, for example. Emojis will brighten up your bio and help convey your business’s personality.

5. Add hashtags. Use hashtags that resonate with your niche or business to make it easier for customers to find you and your content.

6. Share your mission. Your brand’s or business’s mission statement will convey your values to your target audience.

To reinforce the theoretical knowledge you’ve just got, you need some field practice. However, before you immerse into the world of Instagram marketing, you might want to explore successful business accounts in the most promising niches. Here are the top 10 popular Instagram business niches as of May 2023



Business Niche

Examples of Business Accounts



Chanel, H&M, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Zara



Sephora, Glossier, Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC Cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics


Food & Beverage

Starbucks, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Dunkin’, Pepsi


Fitness & Health

Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Under Armour, MyFitnessPal



Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Amazon



Airbnb, Expedia, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, TripAdvisor


Home & Decor

IKEA, West Elm, Pottery Barn, HomeGoods, Wayfair



Tesla, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ford



Disney, Netflix, HBO, Universal Studios, Marvel






Developing a niche for your Instagram business account is not rocket science. If you have a lifetime occupation, your niche will ‘crystalize’ naturally. If you’re choosing between several niches or simply don’t know where you’ll be the best, follow the main steps described in this article. Once you’re settled, remember to stay flexible and adapt your strategies to the ever-changing Instagram algorithms and user preferences.

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