Create A Fitspiration Blog



The word “fitspiration” may not be in all major dictionaries, but it has been used enough times to be considered. It is used to describe anything that inspires people to start a fitness journey. If you’re considering starting an online blog, this is an excellent idea. This article aims to give you a rough guide on how to get started. 

Create A Fitspiration Blog

Choose The Theme Of Your Fitspiration Content

Depending on the type of physical activity you are interested in, there is a wide variety of content for you to choose from. For example, you can teach people how to play soccer, or provide bodybuilding tips. Of course, it helps if you have some expertise so that people will follow you. 

Another way to give yourself credibility is to buy website traffic. You’ll find that people will trust advice that is followed by the masses, and ranking higher on search engines will help you set yourself up as an authoritative figure on the content you provide.

You’ll Need To Live The Life

No one will find inspiration in you if you aren’t following your own advice. Who would you believe more, Michael Jordan (even before his prime) or some random person who doesn’t ever play basketball.

The point is, people need to see content that shows you participating in the sports or physical activity you are advocating. If you aim to help people start their fitness journey, then you yourself must be on one, and they should believe that you’ve been on it for quite a while. 

Additional Content From Other Sources

Many bloggers prefer to add content they get from other sources. For example, you can share successful fitness journeys of other bloggers, or people you’ve trained. You can comment on other fitness blogs, or even comment on news in the industry. This will help give you more engagement from your readers, and keep them engaged.

Making Money As A Blogger

While most bloggers need to start out creating content entirely for free, there comes a time when it becomes lucrative. As traffic to your blog increases, you will find that it is easier for you to negotiate deals with advertisers that want to direct your readers to their websites. For example, you could strike a deal with a sports shoe manufacturer, or even with popular sports drinks/other gear. 

Also, you can create exclusive programs for your readers to join, such as a weight training course. Make sure to give the first couple of days away for free, so they can get a glimpse of what to expect. 

Such courses can be priced as a one-time payment, or you could choose to follow a subscription model. Both methods are profitable, and the choice depends on which is the more appropriate pricing system for the course you are providing. 

Finally, selling merchandise is a method to earn money as a fitness blogger. Only go this route if you feel that you have many fans, and that some of them are willing to part with their hard earned cash in exchange for merchandise that you’ve designed or collaborated with a designer to make. The first batch will be a gamble, so try to make it a small one. 

Advertise and promote your branded sports merchandise on your blog, and take note of how fast you’re selling it. You’ll be able to decide after the first or second batch whether it is worth it to expand your production. 

Advice And Things To Keep In Mind

Being a fitness blogger puts you under a spotlight, especially once you gain some popularity. Keep in mind that this usually means some of your privacy will be lost, especially if you are posting photos and videos of yourself personally. This may not be a major issue for some people, but it can be a game change for many. 

Additionally, this can be seen as an advantage because being a public figure puts you in the position to influence the minds of your readers and even their purchasing habits and decisions. Some fitness bloggers have been successful in indoctrinating masses of people, and starting trends in the fitness industry as a whole. 

Don’t underestimate the power of your blog. Be confident within your content, and try your best to provide authentic and real information. If you discover that you’ve made a mistake and given out bad advice, don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. 

Most of your readers will appreciate the honesty, and they will be more likely to recommend your blog to others because of it. 


Starting a fitness blog to inspire others is not the most difficult task in the world, but it certainly takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Be prepared to be working entirely for free at the beginning, so it is important to choose a fitness topic that you are passionate about. 

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